Do What You Love and the Rest will Fall into Place

These are the words of my father, who passed away the day after Christmas, 2014. He always encouraged his four girls to do what made us happy. He himself was a doctor - a healer who still carried his black, leather doctor's bag to work with him until illness forced him to retire at 74. But he was so much more than that. Besides being the kind of gentle physician who sat by his patients bedsides and visited them on Christmas morning, he was a chef, a collector of treasures (and junk), a dreamer, a writer, a painter, a believer in all things magical, and a true Renaissance man.

He is why, on January 1, 2015, the day before we laid him to rest, I opened for business and began to sell my tiny fairies and mermaids. Because, to honor him, I vowed to do what made me happy. And CREATING makes me oh so happy.

And in turn, I know that he is happy watching me every step of this journey.
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