Wish Cards!

Have you heard about my new Wish Card experiment?  I decided to see how contagious kindness really is...and all signs point to an epidemic of good deeds!  Ever dream that you could grant a wish?  Have you ever woken up really happy and wished you could share that happiness?  How about those days when are feeling low and need a little something to make you smile?  This wish card is the answer!  For a while now, I have been wondering if it would be possible to start a revolution of kindness simply by giving people the opportunity to do something nice, then pass on that opportunity to another.  If a silly youtube video about a cat wearing clothes can "go viral", why can't kindness go viral?  Maybe you have had a stranger do something unexpected and generous and thought, I want to make someone feel the way that person just made me feel.  Maybe you are that stranger who knows the secret to happiness is as simple as doing nice things for people and expecting nothing in return.  With every purchase, I will send you a wish card (or a few if you request more than one) in hopes that kindness is, indeed, more contagious than the common cold.  I will also gladly send you one free of charge - no purchase necessary and postage on me - as long as you promise to use it.  Post about your experience - whether you are the giver or the receiver - on Twitter or Instagram (#spreadthemagic), or  message Keyhole Studio's Facebook page (Keyhole Studio @keyholestudioplymouth) to help spread the word. Ideas on how to use your card: Pay for the coffee of the person behind you at the drive-thru. Ask the cashier to hand her the Wish Card. Add coins to someone's parking meter if you notice it is close to running out - leave the card on their windshield. Rake a neighbor's yard, or leave a surprise batch of cookies - leave the card in their mailbox or tucked into their door. Leave a crazy big tip for a harried, tired waitress or waiter who's working hard. Tuck the card in with the loot (any former waitress will know how great that will feel). Use your imagination - granting wishes can be addictive!

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